Separation Anxiety in Dogs

         Separation anxiety in dogs is one of the most common problems that dogs develop. It’s an anxiety disorder, and is defined as a state of intense […]

Warm Noses = Sick Dog? MYTH! Top Misconceptions and Interesting Facts About Your Dog

1. WARM NOSES = SICK DOG?   ……..  MYTH! The temperature of a dog’s nose changes easily and is not a good sign of illness. It can be hot and […]

Reverse Sneezing In Dogs

Reverse Sneezing In Dogs What does it mean? What causes it?  Can it be treated?        Reverse sneezing- Formally known as a laryngospasm, a reverse sneeze often sounds as […]

Why Dogs Eat Poop?! How To Stop It

Why do dogs eat poop? Plus, tips on how to stop it! Dogs, unfortunately, commonly eat their own feces, or another dog’s poop; it’s a very disturbing and frustrating behavioral […]

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